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Joshua Harr - Epic Games

Senior Producer

Jon is fantastic! Having worked with him for many years as a visiting consultant at several different companies, including Electronic Arts and Zynga, I can honestly say that he is one of the most knowledgeable agile coaches and trainers out there. He not only understands game development but also how different agile project management tools can work in each unique environment. Jon is extremely versatile, patient, and will work with your teams to ensure organization-wide satisfaction. If you are looking for a true agile expert, Jon is your guy!

Bevan Tilley - Barrows

Creative Director

Jon worked with Barrows over a number of months to help our London & New York studios transition to Agile. Jon's expertise in the area and quick grasp of our business inter-dependencies helped us create a workflow that's been the platform for our Agile evolution three years and running. His hands-on guidance during onsite workshops, as well as ongoing online availability, ensured we felt supported in this fundamental & cultural change. We've seen the tangible benefits of an optimized process most notably when we delivered an integrated Budweiser BTL campaign for the FIFA World Cup 2019.

Tracy Tettamanti - Realogy

Senior Director Agile Center of Excellence

Jon is an experienced and knowledgeable agile coach that understands how to shift the mindset of even the most change adverse team members. He is great to work with always energetic, optimistic and inspiring to the teams he touches. Jon helped us kick-off our Agile transformation journey and prepared us for continual improvement on our own. He was able to quickly access the maturity of the teams, understand the managerial dilemmas with the transformation, and find quick wins for the teams through implementing agile best practices, maintaining flexibility and not being prescriptive. Jon knew how to take what seemed like complex ideas and simplify them so it was clear to all. He was always ready with customized training full of examples anticipating the needs of his audience. Jon was a key partner in our transformation journey and I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again.

Tarrah Milo Wilson - Microsoft

Lead Producer HoloLens & VR Platform

Jon is an insightful Agile Coach and excellent trainer. His in depth knowledge of the game industry provided my team solutions that supported both our agile development team and traditional 3D content creation team. He was able to educate us on how to best use agile methodologies and tools, while also taking the time to get a detailed understanding of how we worked. This makes his trainings and educational presentations particularly useful as he's seen first hand how flexible and chaotic game development can be. I look forward to partnering with Jon in the future.

Jean-Philippe Lombardi - SAP

Director Agile Transformation

Jon is super knowledgeable about all things agile. His engagements at SAP headquarters in Walldorf have helped us to better understand the power of Kanban at all levels of the organization. By teaching us to combine the methodology with the right cloud-based planning and collaboration tools, he has empowered us to streamline our processes and significantly improve the flow of value between various parts of the company and ultimately to our customers. We look forward to working with him again to further facilitate greater agility at SAP.

Oliver Teckert - Google Stadia

Partner Engineering

With frequent visits over the past few years, Jon has become an invaluable resource. He brings a breadth of agile/lean knowledge, collaboration and planning tool expertise, with the bonus of an extensive game development background. This combination has proven ideal for our teams, who've benefited from his training, coaching and overall ability to listen and truly understand our problems before coming up with a workable solution. I recommend Jon to any company looking to up their agile game

Matthew Ott - FoxNext Games

Director of Project Management

I first worked with Jon as an agile coach and Hansoft expert at Zynga, where he helped level up several of our game teams, including FarmVille and FarmVille 2. He’s currently helping our team at Fox switch to Favro on two large projects, one live and one in development. His expert knowledge of project management tools, agile development practices, and how games are actually made makes him a perfect agile coach and trainer.

Patric Palm - Favro

CEO and Co-Founder

Jon has helped companies around the world on their agile transformation journeys. He's able to guide all levels of the organisation towards greater agility and productivity, as he truly embraces and embodies the agile values and principles. Combining extensive hands-on software development experience, onsite coaching and training engagements at hundreds of our global customers, along with expert collaboration app and agile tool knowledge, he's the right choice for anyone looking to either begin a transition to agile or scale agile both horizontally and vertically throughout your entire organization.

Parul Sharma - Bannerflow

Chief Growth Officer

Jon is an awesome agile coach for three simple reasons: 1. He embraces agile. While many coaches can claim that, most haven’t eaten their own dog food. Jon has not only worked in key roles across successful software companies, but he has also trained, coached, and mentored a variety of different organizations both software and non-software. 2. He knows how to connect with an audience, to assess where they are in their agile journey and to bring them to the desired level. To get everyone on the same page in a room is a Herculean task for any coach. You need to be inspiring, motivating, understanding all at the same time. Through the many customer situations I have encountered while traveling with Jon, he does this with great ease. 3. Passion for what he does. Passion is the single most important ingredient that can differentiate a good coach from a great one. It’s refreshing to see how much Jon believes in and enjoys his work. And it’s not just about agile; it’s about making a big difference to people’s work lives. Look no further if you need an agile coach that will indeed bring positive change to your business.


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